5th Annual Urban Suburban Film Festival
June 28th - 30th, 2013









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How's this for a line up at the 5th Annual Urban Suburban Film Festival....

One Film Festival, Two Films and a whole more...Come see two amazing flicks at the Clef Club located on the Avenue of the Arts.

First, we will be screening "The ...Male Room". When you enter the Male Room, there're some things you just don't do!! "

Comedy. Six men come into the men's room at different times, and violate the code of the bathroom." Starring comedian Tony Woods, Luis Perez and John Suber Directed by Andrew Wesley Harmon with supporting actors Keith Forsey and Mike Pender among other. The REEL actions starts at 7:30pm.

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Second, we will treated to some serious laughter featuring two serious comedians "Marina Franklin and Justine Marino". Two comedians, two times the laughter.

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Finally, we will be screening "3 Women" Directed by Angelique Marshall. 3 Women is the story of three successful women who forge a tight bond of friendship at college that last deep into their professional and family lives. While Corrine, Dominique and Kai exhibit normal morally clean lifestyles they fulfill their secret desires and fantasies in a hidden and secret world.

Sponsored by Urban Suburban Film Festival, Bahamas TV & Film Commission and Urban Suburban Magazine

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