Events/Activities during the Urban Suburban Film Festival








Film Screening
This showcase is primarily designed to assist the artist by allowing the artist film to be seen by the mass public. Various films ranging from documentaries, short film and studio premiers representing the best in Black, Hispanic, Asian, Korean and Middle Eastern films will be screened throughout the festival.

Competitive awards will be presented to various films in specific categories that recognize the artist which excel in filmmaking.

Studios, networks and Public Broadcast Stations that premier film at the festival offer a heighten level of excitement and curiosity for the filmgoer. We will follow the time honored tradition of providing a Q&A period immediately following the film showing which will allow the audience to gain greater insight into the creative process.

Our workshops are two day class room situation which will allow for filmmaker, writer and actor to pick up pointers from the various experts in their respective fields.

Open Panel Forum
It is the goal of this showcase to provide an open ended discussion which will allow a more candid discussion concerning the issues that confront the media and its filmmakers, industry executive and other creative contemporaries.

One on One
Special Guest speaker - An intimate discussion with an artist that will cover a wide range of topics and issues in their career.

Live entertainment and social engagements will sprinkle the night. Attendees will enjoy various museums and fashion themed events.

Awards and Closing Ceremony
The final event will award the filmmakers the “best of the best” awards.


It is our goal to offer each attendee the opportunity to solicit advice and support one another’s projects. After all no one is an island and we all need inspirational and encouragement.

Freedom of Expression
It is our goal to encourage a diverse and robust expression through film that crosses many genres.

The primary purpose for this event was to encourage and enable artists to explore and collaborate with one another professionally. Our goal is to facilitate workshops and provide information necessary to empower the artist.

It is extremely important that each attendee be provided with an opportunity to meet “theater and film” makers that are consider “insiders”

By offering rewards each artist achieves some level of industry recognition during the film competition.